Offsite / MMC Consultancy

The team here at Arkilab have worked in the Offsite sector for the last 12 years, and have become specialists in the field, designing for modern methods of construction (MMC), and delivering inspirational design solutions in the volumetric and panelised sectors.

Recently we have followed good practice in the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) to provide cost and programme driven solutions with standardisation at the forefront of our thinking and underpinning our core aims.

  • minimising component parts
  • individual components create clusters for efficient offsite production
  • maximising repeatable elements.

The team work closely with the country’s leading offsite manufacturers, and have been responsible for the design and detailing of several school projects ranging in value from £1million to £25million, from Primary and Secondary Schools to Further Education Colleges, delivering over £150m of Offsite / MMC projects as part of a wider team.

Using Offsite Panelised and Volumetric components we have detailed knowledge of the design and construction process from Sub Assembly (collaborating with our consultants for repeatable M&E and FFE components), Main Assembly, through to delivery and installation on site. The projects are designed from inception to maximise the works that can be completed offsite whilst considering transportation requirements at the outset, to ease transfer to a site once the groundworks have been completed.