The team has previously worked on several residential projects, mainly private, including extensions, renovations, and new builds, both in the UK and in Greece.

We believe that architecture can improve people’s lives, and where is a better place to start than someone’s home. We want to create beautiful spaces for people to live in, thus it is our aspiration to expand further into this sector, starting with our participation in architectural competitions, that meet the highest standards of design.

Arkilab’s focus is on individual Client’s and smaller scale residential developers where environmental sustainability and design quality are prime drivers. We have found that adopting Passivhaus principles to the design of residential properties is a really useful and relevant tool to deliver of these aims.


Chris, our Business Development Director, is also a Director of a small residential development and construction company, QMS Developments Ltd, which he set up with his son Sam in 2016.  Chris provides the design skills, grey hair and wisdom, whilst Sam brings his construction skills and business experience along with his boundless energy and enthusiasm.

QMS Developments is a complementary business fit with Arkilab.

Arkilab will provide additional design resources and support to QMS at appropriate stages of a development and QMS is able to advise on commercial and practical matters such as construction processes, material lead-in times and the like.