Lead Consultancy & Management

Lead Consultancy & Management is a fundamental part of ensuring our clients are able to engage Arkilab to support the wider project aims. At the start of any project, the Lead Consultancy & Management role starts with a process of establishment:

‘Where are you?’ – establish the client’s baseline position and current performance assessment to help develop the detailed project brief.

‘Where are you going?’ – establish the service requirements, functional scope, financial landscape, estate needs and options.

‘How to get there?’ – undertake an assessment of needs, assessment of additional professional partners, coordination, and management of the whole team.

‘The journey’ – planning ahead for representation of the Client’s interests during the design and delivery, integrating our Technical Adviser role.

We appreciate that for a lot of clients the identification of the detailed project requirements are difficult to identify and appropriately cost – often design and construction are not the core business, just a requirement. We are looking to provide an integrated service so our clients can be confident in progressing their projects.

The key ingredient to a successful building project is a Design Team that collaborates and communicates well together. This has always been true, but now, when information is almost entirely digital and each consultant within the Design Team are producing their own 3D model, this has never been more important.

This mass of information needs to be collated and coordinated so that the information provided by the Design Team for the Client, contractor and other stakeholders is clear and accurate. This also needs to be done in a timely manner so that projects are delivered on programme.

Arkilab embrace this as it sits naturally with the role of architects as lead designers and both roles impact on all aspects of the construction of a building. Where other design team disciplines have a narrower focus on their own area of expertise, the architect and Lead Consultant have a wider role of bringing these different elements together in a seamless whole.

Arkilab is the new venture of an established and experienced team that have worked together providing this holistic and combined service of architect and lead consultant for many years.

This Lead Consultancy role focusses on coordinating teams and information:

  • Design Team Coordination

– coordination of all design information across all disciplines
– leading and recording Design Team meetings (physical and virtual)
– monitoring and reporting of Design Team activity

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Coordination

– clash detection of models
– coordination of models
– control of information flow
– COBie deliverables