Oscar Hughes

28 April 2020

Posted by Master

Most of Oscar’s ideas come to fruition within the ‘urban jungle’ he has created in his flat; where he has fully embraced biophilia and coved it from floor to ceiling in plants.

Oscar is an experienced architectural technologist specialising in BIM. Having previously worked as BIM Manager for an award-winning Interior Design & FF&E consultancy, where he oversaw a busy team of 12 people. Oscar’s passions lie in being at the forefront of innovation; he will always be thinking of ways to improve the quality and speed of the design process.

With previous experience within residential, commercial, healthcare and laboratory schemes; Oscar’s main line of experience has come from the education sector where he has worked on well over a hundred projects.

Oscar loves the collaborative approach to design and believes that a project can always be delivered successfully with the right amount of dedication and organisation.