Iain Reece

15 May 2020

Posted by Master

Iain’s passions for golf, rally navigation and whisky emphasise his approach to mental and physical health, exploration and a little culture, surpassed only by his passion for creating exceptional spaces for people to explore and learn in.

A founding member of Arkilab, Iain is an experienced Architect with 22 years post qualification experience. Throughout his career, Iain has largely been involved in the education sector, originally in the Diocesan sector followed by a brief involvement with the design of PFI bids, and more recently the design of several schools ranging in value from £1m to £20m under the DfE’s Free School and Priority School Programmes.

Iain has also worked as a Design Technical Advisor for the DfE and has a detailed knowledge of DfE design and procurement processes, Output Specifications and Building Bulletins including current area and cost allocations. Iain is a talented designer and a collaborator, thriving on stakeholder engagement in this role, with excellent communication and presentation skills.

With a high level of self-motivation, galvanising a team’s collective sense of direction, Iain always keeps the end goal as the focus. With a bias for exploration, Iain looks to innovation and finding new ways of doing things, a visionary offering challenging and sometimes radical ideas, with intellectual insight.