Katerina Kofinaki

15 May 2020

Posted by Master

Katerina is passionate about design and headstands. When she is not upside down, she secretly practises for the next season of Great British Bake Off.

A founding member of Arkilab, Katerina was born and raised in Athens, Greece, naturally growing up to love art and architecture with great admiration for the Modern Greek Architecture of the 1930s.

Having worked as an architect for more than 14 years in both the UK and Greece she has delivered schemes across a range of sectors including education, healthcare, transport, cultural and residential. Katerina’s most notable project to date is the National Opera and Library of Greece. She was fortunate to work as an architect for Betaplan S.A, the local Greek partner to Renzo Piano’s Building Workshop, engaged in all phases of the project.

Katerina has won awards and honourable mentions in competition entries and is always seeking to explore new opportunities in all sectors of architecture.

Katerina has exceptional technical skills and is a talented designer with attention to detail. She has excellent communication skills, being fluent in Greek, English and French and enjoys all aspects of the Client engagement process.

Katerina leads by example and is very passionate about her work with a commitment and dedication that simply inspires her team in every way.